• Join us at the POST!

    We’ve been missing in action for most of the year to bring you even better, high-quality textiles for home and fashion. It’s been a long process of searching and finding a space to expand and print yardage and the time has finally come!

    So far I’ve been able build a temporary yardage table to keep production going through the holidays. Check it out! 

    Here are just a few shots of the construction process:

    The POST will be our new studio and retail space and I can contain my excitement. If you can, join us for the soft launch, Wed, Sept 27 and be sure to follow the store on Facebook for updates.


  • Thank YOU and Happy 2017!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! As you may know, the INDIEGOGO campaign ended just before the Christmas holiday and it was a blast getting to know the many fabulous people who LOVE Detroit and LOVE our products. Because of these amazing individuals, we were able to get a few of our products made and shipped out just in time for the holiday.

    Stay tuned as we prepare our online store as well as a few local workshops so you can get a bit of ink on your hands as well! The first of these offerings will be an INTRO TO SCREEN PRINTING workshop that will be held at William + Bonnie, 10225 Joseph Campau St, Hamtramck. Spaces are limited so sign up today!

  • We’re LIVE!

    We’ve been working hard and it’s finally here. The Indiegogo campaign is now LIVE. Check out our video below and be sure to visit the site at Indiegogo.com to get EARLY BIRD perks and have your items shipped in time for Christmas. Also learn more about our process and why we do what we do.



  • People are talking!


    Just one week left before launch of our Indiegogo campaign! We were mentioned in a few recent articles featuring partner, William+Bonnie, and the buzz continues. Join us Nov 9

  • You’re Invited!

    The countdown is on! Over the last few months I have been working to finalize and tweak designs for my beloved Detroit Collection which will launch just in time for the holidays. This is an exclusive line of home goods and accessories and I want you to get a sneak peak!

    We have partnered with our friends over at cut and sew shop, William + Bonnie, and can’t wait to share these beautiful pieces with you. Sarah Ayers is the fabulous maker and creative that I am delighted to have as a partner. Her company and mission is such a welcomed gem in helping to build the garment industry in Detroit.

    Sarah Ayers of William + Bonnie   14556794_1040012676111731_2401414336432420712_o

    JOIN US! Oct 16 to meet artists and makers along with an exclusive look at samples.

    WHAT: William + Bonnie Open House
    WHEN: 7-9pm,
    WHERE: 10225 Joseph Campau St, Hamtramck, MI

    Stay tuned for details about how YOU can get involved with this fabulous project!

  • Introducing, “The Detroit Collection”

    Looking to be a part of growth in Detroit but not sure where to start?

    groupingWe’ve created a line perfect for those looking join the cause AND show their love for this great city and it’s most prized gems in both architecture and community.

    I am excited to introduce “The Detroit Collection”. The goal of this line is to celebrate and support the preservation of Detroit’s landscape and it’s communities. These well-crafted products feature surface designs and patterns that are bold, vibrant and elegant. We’re launching our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in a couple of weeks to produce the first run, so stay tuned to find out how YOU can get involved. Be sure to subscribe to our updates for exclusive sneak peaks and early launch pricing.


    dsc02323_rev dsc02326_rev


  • Festive Holiday Wallpaper for Your Devices

    Scroll down, choose from 3 lovely designs and enjoy!


    1) First find out what your screen resolution is.

    2) Next download the wallpaper that matches your screen resolution:

  • HOW TO:
    Make a 3-color Screen Printed Wooden Sign


    I have been waiting for the chance to create a custom sign for someone and finally it’s arrived! My mom and dad journey in the RV quite often and mentioned the need for something they could proudly display that was personal and unique. Hence, I decided to take on the challenge of creating a nice looking sign that was durable, but not heavy or cumbersome.

    Materials Required:

    Screen Printing Emulsion Kit
    Screen printing exposure unit (I built this one. There are many more sophisticated versions on the web, so feel free to look around!)
    18″ x 24″ screen for printing the letters
    12″ x 12″ screen for printing the palm trees (Purchase a screen for each color and be sure it matches the dimension of your graphic)
    16″-long squeegee
    9″ x 24″ x 1″ piece of pine wood
    Utility Knife
    3  – 300mil cans of water-based screen-printing ink or paint (1 pint per color)
    Krylon interior-exterior clear spray paint
    130 grit sand paper

    1) I found a nice piece of pine for just $4 for my local Ace Lumber and cut it down to 9″ x 24″. I then took a utility knife and carved off the corners to round them out a bit. Sand it with 130 grit sand paper for a smooth finish.



    2) I then mixed my paint. I just used the water-based screen printing ink from Permaset that I had sitting around. You can do as I did and mix one part paint, and one part water to achieve a more transparent look.



    3) Apply the paint evenly with a cloth and let dry overnight.



    4) The next few steps involve screen printing 2 colors. I drew up the palm trees and hand-lettered the text, then scanned them all into the computer. Then I printed them all separately onto transparent sheets for screen printing. The best for a typical home inkjet printer I found are sold online at a small shop I love. The people there are great and are super helpful. It took me a bit of time, but I printed these out on 8.5″x 11″ sheets and tiled them together using scotch tape.


    5) Once you coat your screens using the instructions on the Speedball Emulsion Kit, burn the screens using your transparencies and burn unit. See this link for a quick & easy tutorial on how to build a unit. I recommend burning one screen per color, so the palm trees should be burned onto one screen and the lettering which will be white ink, should be burned to another screen. I typically expose for about 9.5 min using the Speedball Screen Printing emulsion. Rinse the emulsion thoroughly using warm water and let you screen dry overnight.

    6) Now that you have your screens burned, lay down the first color. In my case it was the orange palm trees. Let dry. It should be dry to the touch within minutes. I use a large fan to speed up the process.

    7) Next, I laid down some artists tape about 1inch from the bottom to be sure my lettering wasn’t crooked. After I laid down the second color, I let it dry for about 30min. and sprayed 3 coats of Krylon clear paint to seal it and make it weatherproof. Allow 10 min between coats and you’re done!


  • Just Bees and Things and Flowers

    Bees and Things and Flowers

    Everybody loves the sunshine.” This song has been running through my head since I started on my latest pattern which integrates bees with my spring floral motifs. Spoonflower provides these great Design Challenges that keep my motivated on my quest to beef up my portfolio and produce some successful surface designs.


    My latest work reveals an identity crisis of sorts. A designer by trade, I realize the importance of developing a consistent “identity” and establishing a brand that promotes it well. The problem is that I have my hand in a bit of everything and am drawn to quite a few “styles”, which is becoming very apparent. The good news is that I am starting to focus more on a unique look and feel that will distinguish my patterns and illustrations. I love printmaking and enjoy screen-printing my work when I can.

    This love came from studying the work of Art Nouveau poster artists like Alphonse Mucha and Will H. Bradley. They featured beautifully outlined organic motifs with stunning typography.

    IMG_20150420_131439I was excited to get sketching for the next Spoonflower Challenge featuring “bees”. It’s my attempt at a more free flowing pattern with a mix of textures. If you get a chance, please take a moment and go and vote for “Bees & Things & Flowers”!

  • We’ve been spotted!



    We’ve been spotted!

    I am in love with patterns. I was able to take advantage of the Fabric Design course offered by Creative Bug and learned so much about concepting and executing surface patterns. In all my years as a design student, I had never heard of such things as fabric “collections” or “color ways”. Now I am hooked.

    Since I am still fairly new to surface design, I have been reluctant to actually sell any of my work in that area. However, I have been a part of the Spoonflower community for a few months now and I decided to take the plunge with the recent “Islands” Design Challenge.


    I was inspired by a little rug in my toddler’s room that had these cute “swirls” along a river. I loved the whimsical movement they created. You can almost hear the water dancing around the rocks. Hence the sketching began!


    Creating that repeat was no walk in the park, but it was worth it. My “Islands and Waters” pattern is now a featured design in the Spoonflower “RECENT TRENDS” list. How exciting! My first store pattern is one I actually like. LESSON: Inspiration can come from just about anywhere if you simply look around.